Learning and Development Officer

Doha, Qatar

We are looking for an experienced L&D Officer to join our Inspire Team. 

  • In charge and responsible for the overall development, implementation and review of the learning, training and development framework for the Company.
  • Proven leadership in L&D and work in collaboration with the HR leaders, end users management and senior management to drive, implement and execute learning and training.
  • Leads, develops, implements and deploys the learning/training framework / programs for all employees that aligns with the banking industry.
  • Implements needs assessment for learning/training and development to enhance the effectiveness of employee performance.
  • Ensures learning/training programs continue to evolve based on business needs and skill demands for different employee groups based on their positions and skills within the Company.
  • Reviews and enhances the learning policies and learning/training management processes for the Company.
  • Provides consultative services to the employees in regards to learning/training policies and procedures.
  • Designs, develops and facilitates core learning and leadership curriculum and programs (including learning activities, e-learning / audio-visual materials and instructor hand-books etc) at Company level.
  • Assesses training effectiveness against learning objectives and its impact on employee skill development and accomplishment.

Qualifications, experience & skills


At least 2 years of GCC experience is a MUST.

Note: Please attach the CV and the experience letters